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Adobe Express Adobe Express in the Classroom 2023-2024 is a Course

Adobe Express in the Classroom 2023-2024

Started Jul 1, 2021


Full course description

Help your students communicate with impact

In this course, you will learn to help your students analyze, and create powerful stories, as well as present new information with clarity and ease. When students need to make science fair posters, social studies infographics, journals, language arts essays, lab reports, physics explainers or poetry analysis, Adobe Spark can help. With Adobe Spark, Post and Video, students are able to quickly and easily present information in professional, catchy, and creative ways.

By teaching your students how to tell their own creative visual stories, or to respond to what they learn with images and videos, you’re giving them valuable digital skills and helping them to develop vital communication skills applicable to any industry.

 Engage your students with essential creative and digital skills

Teaching students to use digital tools to present information in creative ways - whether in a research presentation or a personal narrative - helps them to engage more deeply in their learning. It’s never been easier to encourage creativity and capture the imagination of your students. Using Spark Post, Page and Video introduces students to a variety of digital skills they may otherwise not learn until much later in their lives. As Spark is so easy to use, it’s a perfect introduction to digital literacy and essential creative thinking skills.

Everything in this course, from video tutorials to lesson plans and resources, is perfect for assigning directly to your students. Or, if you prefer, you could even use our materials as inspiration to create your own lesson plans and projects that speak directly to your students.

 Develop your own essential creative and digital skills

This course doesn’t just provide you with enriching creative projects for your students. It also aims to help you, as an educator, to enrich your creative skillset and deepen your knowledge.

Adobe has a range of powerful apps for crafting visual stories and presenting information. This course teaches you how to use Adobe Spark to create and assign engaging classroom activities, and inspire students across all content areas.

 After taking this course, you, as an educator, will:

  • Understand the basic principles of Adobe Spark and learn creative techniques to enhance your workflow
  • Gain knowledge from experienced professionals
  • Apply this new knowledge to your own classroom context
  • Gain access to resources to help you create engaging opportunities for your students

In this course,  we’ll introduce you to the essentials of creating digital stories with Adobe Spark, and explore a variety of key techniques that you can learn, master, and teach in your own classroom. You will hear from expert educators and see many examples of activities you can immediately apply to any classroom context.

The learning content in this course will take about 4 hours, and includes an optional assignment. (The optional assignment must be completed to earn MIPs.) By completing the assignment and marking this course as complete, you will receive a digital badge and a certificate for 4 hours of accredited professional learning.

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