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Introduction to Inclusive Digital Literacy 2022-2023 is a Course

Introduction to Inclusive Digital Literacy 2022-2023

Started Jul 1, 2021


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Digital technologies are now ubiquitous in the home, in school, in the workplace. It is easy to take this for granted... but can we make available and emerging technology work harder for us?

How can we equip every young person (especially those with special education needs and disabilities) to be digitally literate in a world where government is now on-line, banking is now on-line, insurance is on-line, shopping is on-line... as well as much of our social and leisure lives too? Young people adapt well to changing environments and demands when it comes to social media, gaming and streaming media content: but they need more.

Another critical question: are we (as teaching practitioners) exploiting the digital resources we already have to the full? Is technology simply replacing tasks, or is technology opening new frontiers in terms of accelerating learning and personalising the education experience?

We are delighted to be working in partnership with Microsoft to help your education setting transform the impact of digital technologies on the progress of all learners. This unit attempts to set the scene for your education setting's development of digital literacy, whatever your starting point.

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